Our R&D projects

Smartoperations works constantly to research and develop innovative solutions for operations, service and asset management.


The project concerns the development and application of an advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for water treatment plants, thus enabling the benefits of Industry 4.0 on more traditional plant architectures. It will be possible to:
– Securely interconnect any plant to industrial cloud platforms (PaaS);
– Realize a digital model (digital twin) of the plant and of the rotating machines that allows to remotely monitor the health/performance of the components in order to intervene by preventing failures, but also to simulate “what if” scenarios with particular attention to energy saving;
– Automate the current level of monitoring of chemical and physical purification processes through distributed systems of innovative sensors;
– Equip operators and maintenance managers with web-based decision support systems.
The solution will then be demonstrated and verified through the implementation of a first pilot on one of the plants of G.I.D.A. Gestione Impianti Depurazione Acque Spa for the treatment of industrial wastewater in the territory of Prato, in particular in the lifting and aeration/oxygenation sections of the water and in the ozonation systems. This will also enable the plant to enable experimentation in the field of massive IoT and mission critical IoT, which will be carried out in the territory of Prato within the call 5G, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, by the same SSE and PIN, both partners of the winning team for the implementation of experiments in the territory of Prato and led by Wind3 and Open Fiber.